Water Wall Turbine Technology

Absolute Eco- and Bio-friendly Large Scale Renewable Energy Generation from Marine & Freshwater Currents

WWT technology introduces a series of new and significant technological and technical milestones for the effective harvesting of the Potential and Kinetic Energy in Water Currents.
WWTurbines are scalable, modular and suitable for installation in very diverse environments with uneven bottoms and shallow, but fast flowing and wide currents.

Energy Extraction Capacity

1 MW to 10 MW per unit
The limit only depends on the size of the design,
i.e. the Current Speed, Depth and Width.
A single WWTurbine can extract up to 10 Mega Watts from Energy in Fast Currents, both Bi- and Mono-Directional.

The Water Wall Turbine:

  • does not require Barrages or Catchment ponds.
  • has minimal impact on the Tidal effect in Estuaries.
  • has virtually no impact on Habitats, Eco- and Bio-systems.

International IP Patents

WWTurbine Tidal Energy Converters (TEC) - Examples

The three graphs indicate the typical power production levels of a 5MW WWTurbine, operating in Tidal currents, at different sites, with maximum Tidal speed of 3m/s (SC), 4.5m/s (MC), and 6m/s (FC).  The profile of the curve further indicates a typical change in Tidal performance over a month.