Water Wall Turbine Claims & Features

There is no other In-Flow Water Current Renewable Energy Generation System or Technology that approaches the Water Wall Turbine’s potential for:

  • Energy Yield from Free-flowing Current
  • Energy Yield from Tidal Current
  • Magnitude of Energy Generation
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Total Exploitation of Tidal Current
  • Simplicity of Construction & Operation
  • Eco- and Bio- friendliness

WWTurbine is the only Turbine that can Extract & Deliver tens of Mega Watts per unit even in a free-flowing Current.

WWTurbine has the construction of relative light Superstructure.

WWTurbine has considerably more Energy Production potential per Sqm than any of the competing Renewable Energy Generation Technologies.

WWTurbine can deliver significant Power in:

  • Constant Currents of any depth
  • Tidal Currents Fluctuating from 0 to 16 m