WWT offers Large Scale Energy Extraction from Marine and Freshwater Currents.

Water Wall Turbine Inc. is a Multinational Organization, dedicated to Clean Environmental Friendly Renewable Energy Production.

We believe our device to be far superior in all its features to the current alternative systems that target the Kinetic Energy in Currents.
The uniqueness of the WWT System lies in our design around the latent Potential Energy in Currents that interplays in the virtual lossless conversion of Kinetic into Potential Energy in water currents when confronting a restrictive object.

The principle features of our Patented Technology

  • Massive Energy Extraction Capacity
  • Low Energy Production Cost
  • Construction & Installation Simplicity
  • Low Installation & Maintenance Costs
  • No negative long term effect on Habitats
  • Absolute Eco- and Bio-friendliness

WWT’s drive for success is and will be through partnering, technological innovation and strategic vision to combine all components with the most dynamic expertise to compose the best possible teams to execute the vision of globally available Renewable Energy by means of the Water Wall Turbine.

Research, Testing and Technology Development

WWT R&D on Energy devices is an ongoing process that is being conducted at various locations and Institutions.
These developments are being supported by the Engineering Industry and by Academic Centers.

Preliminary Environmental Assessments indicate that there are no significant environmental risks with WWT power plants.

WWT Team is in the process of reviewing variety of Domestic and International inquiries and is currently preparing Engineering details for WWT Power Plants in the range of 250kW to 5MW.

It is the Mission and Target of WWT to be able to place numerous units of different sizes in rivers, canals, and ocean currents to supply more than 200MW of Renewable Energy by 2018 and a much more rapid growth after that of larger sized multi-unit WWT Power Plants.